What does SARM stands for?

What is SARM?

The word SARM stands for Selective Androgenic Receptors Modulator or the Spanish Selective Modulator for Androgen Receptors. They are concerned with hormone regulation as well as muscle strengthening, fat burning, strengthening of bone structure, strength and physical function, as well as the innovative generation that our body helps our muscles strengthen muscles. SARM are similar to anabolic steroids, so there are few side effects and pros and amateurs have the advantage of being attractive to their health, appearance and mood. Now that we know what are SARMS let’s see how SARMS work.

How it works

Anabolic steroids are compounds that are mainly derived from testosterone in the synthetic form and are orally or intramuscularly introduced into the body, which increases the androgenic properties of the body (sexual, vocal, facial, aggressive , Strength, muscle, bone density, libido, etc.). The downside to these is the potential risk that we already have androgen receptors in our muscles and bones, as well as testicles, prostate, and hair. In addition, since the natural production of testosterone detects that the body is already sufficient in the body, another important risk is the stress in the liver because all the mouths are methylated.

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