crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion X


Pavilion X’s dynamic dance with materiality


Pavilion X is a demountable construction that blurs the boundaries between sculpture and structure. Conceptualized by Marc Leschelier, the framework of the pavilion is crafted from aluminum enveloped in a cement textile that undergoes a transformative course of by the affect of water. The deliberate crumpling and stiffening of the fabric end in façade panels which are individually distinct, presenting a distinction between the natural, plastic qualities of a sculptural kind and the rationality related to an object. Offered by the Ketabi Bourdet gallery, the set up finds its momentary residence within the gardens of the Hôtel de Maisons. A part of the Design at Massive program in the course of the inaugural version of Design Miami/Paris from October seventeenth to the twenty second, 2023, Pavilion X defies standard categorization by intentionally eschewing an outlined perform. As a substitute, it provides customers an experiential area that prioritizes sensory engagement over sensible utility.

all photographs by Ketabi Bourdet



a demountable construction between sculpture and structure


Marc Leschelier, the Paris-based sculptor and architect behind Pavilion X, is thought for his exploration of pre-architecture —developing constructions devoid of standard features. These creations usually discover their place in disused areas, sculpture parks, or areas exempt from city laws. Leschelier’s method to structure revolves across the visualization of its interior dimensions, significantly the union of opposing supplies and the interaction between fluid and strong matter, brick and mortar. For Leschelier, the essence of structure is tied to the conflicting union and complementarity of opposites. This philosophy manifests in Pavilion X, the place the development course of turns into a visible illustration of this duality. The work provocatively questions the normal goal of structure, pushing the boundaries and prompting contemplation on what structure may very well be when divorced from utilitarian issues.

crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion X
the cement textile has been crumpled and stiffened by the motion of water

crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion X
the perform of the constructing isn’t outlined, nevertheless the area focuses on the impression reasonably than the use   crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion XPavilion X invitations reflection on the liberation of kind and expertise

crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion X
aluminum framework interacts with cement

crumpled cement drapes over function-free pavilion X
the intricate element of the panels



venture information:


title: Pavilion X

architect: Marc Leschelier | @marcleschelier

introduced by: Ketabi Bourdet gallery | @ketabibourdet

location: within the gardens of the Hôtel de Maisons, France

christina petridou I designboom

nov 14, 2023

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