edible movie digital camera lined with gingerbread cookies can snap and print instax sq. images


Dmitri Tcherbadji’s Sugar-Lens Gingerbread Instax Sq. 


Vancouver-based photographer Dmitri Tcherbadji, the founding father of Analog Cafe, just lately created a customized edible movie digital camera by protecting it with baked gingerbread cookies and icing. Even with the gingerbread and icing exterior, the machine can nonetheless shoot and print Instax Sq. images. Its lens can also be topped with sugar sweet, which creates a hazy, nostalgic impact harking back to dreamy polaroid filters.


As soon as the photographer is completed capturing pictures utilizing the customized edible movie digital camera, they’ll slowly peel off and crack the gingerbread cookies to munch on as snacks when starvation strikes. They will additionally lick off the icing like ice cream and thaw the sugar sweet lens of their mouth like a tasty dessert. Afterward, they’ll pocket the Instax Sq. images the machine printed out and preserve the digital camera’s physique for his or her subsequent taking pictures journey.

pictures by Dmitri Tcherbadji



Edible movie digital camera prints instax sq. images


Dmitri Tcherbadji is aware of that the pattern Instax Sq. images could seem ‘blurrier than a sloppy pinhole’ as a result of sugar sweet lens he provides to his edible movie digital camera wrapped in gingerbread cookies. Whereas he admits that sugar may not be a perfect or straightforward materials to make a lens from, the ensuing pictures could attraction to these whose visible aesthetics align with the movie digital camera’s aesthetic. Even with out the gingerbread cookies adorning the movie digital camera’s physique, the machine nonetheless features and can be utilized as a handheld and indoor digital camera because of its giant aperture.


In a story, Dmitri Tcherbadji briefly demonstrates how he managed to meticulously plaster gingerbread cookies, which he baked from scratch, across the edible movie digital camera and sugar sweet lens. He mentions that he will probably be having fun with his movie digital camera quickly – the edible elements, after all – and his distinctive creation can encourage craftspeople looking for a enjoyable Christmas vacation undertaking to undertake at dwelling or as a present.

edible film camera gingerbread instax square photos
edible movie digital camera encased in gingerbread cookies nonetheless snaps and prints Instax Sq. images

edible film camera gingerbread instax square photos
the lens is topped with sugar sweet

edible film camera gingerbread instax square photos
baked gingerbread cookies cowl the movie digital camera’s physique

edible film camera gingerbread instax square photos
pattern picture of the edible movie digital camera taken by Dmitri Tcherbadji

edible film camera gingerbread instax square photos
the polaroids reminisce dreamy filters

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